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Kellie Osbon
Kellie Osbon

K2 Realty – Louisiana Real Estate

Our greatest strength is that we live, work, and play in our community. Therefore, the
philosophy of, "Our Community, Our Strength," drives our relationship with Clients,
Real Estate Developers, Realtors, and Public Officials who want to share in the
Northshore Lifestyle.

The K2 Team can assist in buying, selling, and leasing of residential homes and
commercial properties, including vacant land and lots. The K2 Property Management
Team specializes in managing residential properties that encompass all aspects of
income property. In addition, K2's short sale resource specialists work to help
homeowners fight against foreclosure by offering practical solutions.
Kimberly Everett
Kimberly Everett

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Freddie & Marsha Anderson

If there is an award given to an agent who is diligent, patient, thorough, amiable, positive, and goes above and beyond the call of duty;  it would be awarded to Susan Cramond.

We were not the average home buyer.  We were looking for a home with acreage, located between our two son’s homes, and within a very affordable price range for us.  Susan didn’t hesitate when she heard our list of demands.  Nor did she hesitate driving us all over Southeastern Louisiana in the search for our home.  She never once made us feel as if we were keeping her from something more important.  She researched areas and restrictions, flood history, and surrounding area information to make sure there would be no unwanted surprises regarding our property.  Susan kept an open line of communication between us and the Seller’s agent.  She was able to find us everything we were looking for and we could not be any happier with the outcome of all her hard work. We will definitely pass her name on to anyone we know looking for a real estate agent.

Kelly & Rachel Foster

My husband and I have worked with Deborah Howard for 3 real estate transactions(buying and selling).  She is knowledgeable, personable, patient, detail-oriented and incredibly generous with her time (many evenings and weekends). In the home we sold, the attic stairs broke at the 11th hour; Deborah picked up the new stairs and brought them to the house herself!!  She answered every question and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Deborah’s enthusiasm for her clients and her work also made this process much more FUN than we ever could have imagined.  We highly recommend Deborah Howard for all your real estate needs!

Kelly & Rachel Foster, 2018

Home Buying Myths

Although the internet can be a great resource for a variety of information, a lot of that information is incorrect. One of the most important and expensive decisions in your life, home buying, tends to circulate a lot of misinformation. Most of that misinformation is in regards to how much of a down payment you need or what your credit score needs to be. Let’s go over the real facts about buying a home and knock those myths out, so they don’t hinder your ability to purchase!


Though it may come as a surprise, you don’t need a perfect credit score to purchase a home. Traditional bank lenders will work with credit scores as low as 640, but your agent can also get you connected with local lenders that accept credit scores as low as 580. Although there are other required stipulations to qualify for the loan, you don’t need a perfect score in the 700’s or 800’s to get approved for a mortgage.


You don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to be able to purchase your dream house. There is a huge misconception that you need to pay a minimum of 20% down to buy. That information is outdated. These days, there a large variety of loan programs that only need an average of 3-5% down. Based on your income or military status, you may even qualify for mortgage programs that require 0% down. Although you’ll expect to pay an additional 3% in closing costs, which is separate from the down payment, this is still significantly less that 20% of the purchase price. If you’re in a buyer’s market, you may even be able to negotatie for the closing costs to be covered by the sellers.

Be sure to connect with a local real estate agent to ensure you have the right facts. Don’t let online myths persuade you into thinking you can’t qualify or afford to buy a home. There are a variety of programs to help you get into your dream house. Since these vary by county to county, and state to state, it’s imperative to call your agent and let them fill you in on the facts.

Melody P

I had an amazing experience with both Laura Jacob and Robin Province at K2 Realty. I was moving under not so great circumstances, and they were professional, compassionate, and dedicated to finding the right property for my family and me. They demonstrated patience and thoroughness. Their negotiation skills are top notch. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

-Melody P

Seymon “Windy” Hartzog, Board Member Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser’s Board

I’ve worked in the real estate construction, development, and appraisal field since 1983. Through the years I’ve consulted with and worked with hundreds of real estate brokers and agents. As a full time appraiser for 30 years and active board member on the Louisiana State Appraiser’s Board, I’ve known some real estate brokers who were adept at market valuation and accurate price forecasting. There are some great ones out there and I can count on two hands those I can trust to handle my sales needs. Kellie and Kim are at the top of the list. Aggressive, honest, and very knowledgeable of ALL aspects of the industry. I respect them as skilled real estate gurus and highly recommend them.

Seymon “Windy” Hartzog
Board Member
Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser’s Board  (2018)

Whitney R.

Laura Jacob is a true real estate professional with a client centric approach to doing business. Her preparation is exceptional. She takes the time to understand the requirements and motivations of the buyers and sellers she represents, prioritizing their needs and offering tailored solutions. Her understanding of market conditions and influences is unparalleled. She’s smart, dedicated, and most importantly, a lot of fun to work with! (I always include the exclamation point like I’m a 13 year old girl snap chatting my friends)

-Whitney R. (2018)

Lisa Barilleau

K2 Realty was a pleasure to work with.  Kellie Osbon and Kimberly Everett were helpful, professional and very knowledgeable of everything to sell my house.  They made selling my house much less stressful than I expected.  I will definitely recommend K2 to family and friends!   July 2018

Angelique Patron Hall

People always ask how we found our new house, since it was never listed, and I gotta give this woman serious credit. We told her the general idea we had about moving, which was more so something we were contemplating. We wanted a lifestyle move if we moved, and what interested us and what didn’t, and I can be VERY SPECIFIC. She dilligently scoured areas, driving up n down streets. Because of her dilligence, her willingness to go beyond real estate listings, she came across an owner putting up a For Sale sign, and had us looking at the house the next day, even though we tried to put it off since we were leaving in 3 days for Alaskan cruise.

Needless to say, the owner never had a chance to list the house.

We love our home, and if it weren’t for Jenna’s drive to find us a new home, and go beyond what most do, I KNOW we wouldn’t be here. It would have likely listed and sold before we got back from vacay.

I highly recommend Jenna Beilman for any of your real estate needs.

Ron Lee Homes

Kellie and Kimberly at K2Realty have been a part of our great team for over 2 years.  Their customer service at K2Realty is impeccable.  They are always giving updates as to what activities we are having on our homes for sale during the process.  Both, Kimberly and Kellie are dedicated sales women who love what they do.  They love helping homeowners find the right fit.  Again, we are extremely proud to include them in our team here at Ron Lee Homes.  September 27, 2016

Jodie Abbott

Jodie Abbott

I can’t thank Kellie and K2 Realty enough for helping me and my family find our new home.  Kellie is incredibly knowledgeable in her field of work and never let a question go unanswered.  She gave me excellent advice in all aspects of buying a new home and has an exceptional list of resources for home improvement options.  She was so patient with my and my indecisiveness and I never felt pressure in making my final decision.  She truly cares about the happiness of her clients.  I would not hesitate in using Kellie and K2 realty again.