I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for not only being true professionals, but for allowing me to do my job without calling/ emailing every 15 minutes asking for updates. It makes for a much smoother process and allows for all parties to be more efficient with their respective tasks.

I would and will surely recommend you guys to any clients that i pre approve and are looking to interview agents as i like the way you shift your level of aggressiveness to match the client. I’ve seen you both be a pit bull and fight for your client and at other times be a passive as the client wants and NOT push them into making a hasty decision. It’s rare today to find a realtor that truly has the clients best interest in the forefront rather than rushing to a closing and collecting a commission. Both of you have continued to display a positive attitude and take any and all adversity in stride, understanding that stuff happens and offer to help in any way possible to resolve and ultimately get the buyer/ borrower into their home. Anyone can complain and ask questions as to why something is being requested, however, you ladies remain professional and realize that it is the nature of the beast in today’s lending climate and provide the necessary support to address as well as furnish explanations to the buyer so they remain informed.

I look forward to working with you all on a more consistent basis and feel free to call me with any scenarios that you or your clients may have so that i can provide some lending options for them. Thanks again and i wish you guys all the best for continued growth and success.

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