Seymon “Windy” Hartzog, Board Member Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser’s Board

I’ve worked in the real estate construction, development, and appraisal field since 1983. Through the years I’ve consulted with and worked with hundreds of real estate brokers and agents. As a full time appraiser for 30 years and active board member on the Louisiana State Appraiser’s Board, I’ve known some real estate brokers who were adept at market valuation and accurate price forecasting. There are some great ones out there and I can count on two hands those I can trust to handle my sales needs. Kellie and Kim are at the top of the list. Aggressive, honest, and very knowledgeable of ALL aspects of the industry. I respect them as skilled real estate gurus and highly recommend them.

Seymon “Windy” Hartzog
Board Member
Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser’s Board  (2018)

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