Angelique Patron Hall

People always ask how we found our new house, since it was never listed, and I gotta give this woman serious credit. We told her the general idea we had about moving, which was more so something we were contemplating. We wanted a lifestyle move if we moved, and what interested us and what didn’t, and I can be VERY SPECIFIC. She dilligently scoured areas, driving up n down streets. Because of her dilligence, her willingness to go beyond real estate listings, she came across an owner putting up a For Sale sign, and had us looking at the house the next day, even though we tried to put it off since we were leaving in 3 days for Alaskan cruise.

Needless to say, the owner never had a chance to list the house.

We love our home, and if it weren’t for Jenna’s drive to find us a new home, and go beyond what most do, I KNOW we wouldn’t be here. It would have likely listed and sold before we got back from vacay.

I highly recommend Jenna Beilman for any of your real estate needs.

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