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5 Reasons To Use a Realtor To Sell Your Home

The current world of technology makes it difficult for some people to understand why a real estate agent is essential for selling a home. If you’re not a real estate agent, chances are you do not know what you need to sell your home. Selling your home is not as simple as posting pictures on a few websites. Real estate agents are important for the home selling process for a variety of reasons.

1. Experience and Education

If you’re not a real estate agent, you will need to educate yourself about the process of selling your home, which including filling out the correct paperwork for selling your home and other important documents. It could take a while to learn all the ins and outs of selling a home. You can save time and money by hiring a real estate agent. These agents have the required experience and education to sell your home, and you don’t have to worry about learning the tricks of the trade.

2. Negotiation Skills

Being a real estate agent requires skills, especially ones for negotiating. Real estate agents are professionals who represent their clients in the best manner possible and keeps all client information private and confidential. Your real estate agent is by your side and there to keep all the processes and characteristics of the contract together. Your agent will ensure that the strict timelines and deadlines for inspections are met, as well as, appraisal and title work to make sure all processes run as smoothly as possible.

3. Good Buffers

Real estate agents make awesome buffers. They are like Norton or McAfee protecting your email from spam. While acting as a filter, real estate agents will keep non-serious home buyers away. Many real estate agents can get serious buyers to make an immediate offer. No one wants to wait years to find a buyer and sell their home. You can hire a real estate agent and avoid the long, indefinite wait.

4. Accurate Neighborhood Knowledge

Neighborhood knowledge is a perk whether you are selling or buying a home. Real estate agents can provide accurate information about comparable sales and other valuable information. These agents can give potential home buyers information regarding schools, and demographics in your area and much more.

5. Professional Networking

Real Estate agents has an impressive network. They often have people in their network who can help in the process of selling your home. Your agent can provide individual or company background information on a list of references they provide to help you make a knowledgeable decision to hire someone.


Video Testimonial of Mr. & Mrs. Lemane

Kelly Easterling

Having purchased and now having listed a home with K2 Realty I can speak to their proficiency in all aspects of the real estate experience. After expressing to Kellie Osbon our interest in downsizing to a home within walking distance to restaurants and shops, she took us to see several homes in both Covington and Mandeville; and was very influential in our final decision to purchase our current new home that we love. She set up our inspection and was present when we were unable to be there. She was relentless in identifying and negotiating a necessary repair for us that would have cost us hundreds of dollars. She was present with us at our closing, which could not have been better; even bringing us a basket of goodies to celebrate our new home! When it was time for us to sell our home, there was no doubt that we would list with K2. Kellie has been instrumental in guiding us through the process, even walking the home with us several times to guide us in areas of improvement to make our home marketable and competitive. She has plentiful contacts in our area in all areas of home repair and restoration that have been extremely helpful as we prepared our home for listing. Our home will list this week and I have no doubt that with K2 Realty our home will sell quickly due to their research in establishing the best price for our listing. You cannot go wrong with this team!

Michele Caskey

To Whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to praise Kellie Osbon with K2 Realty. Kellie is an AWESOME agent!! Kellie is a true professional and takes care of business thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently. She responds to all communications, whether it be by email, text or calls, extremely fast- even to this day!! Kellie is very knowledgeable of the market for our area and it made all the difference. She is honest, upfront, and has great integrity. Due to our excellent service, we referred her to my parents and their experience mirrored ours. We consider Kellie to be a dear friend. Kellie Osbon is definitely a 5 star agent!!!



I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for not only being true professionals, but for allowing me to do my job without calling/ emailing every 15 minutes asking for updates. It makes for a much smoother process and allows for all parties to be more efficient with their respective tasks.

I would and will surely recommend you guys to any clients that i pre approve and are looking to interview agents as i like the way you shift your level of aggressiveness to match the client. I’ve seen you both be a pit bull and fight for your client and at other times be a passive as the client wants and NOT push them into making a hasty decision. It’s rare today to find a realtor that truly has the clients best interest in the forefront rather than rushing to a closing and collecting a commission. Both of you have continued to display a positive attitude and take any and all adversity in stride, understanding that stuff happens and offer to help in any way possible to resolve and ultimately get the buyer/ borrower into their home. Anyone can complain and ask questions as to why something is being requested, however, you ladies remain professional and realize that it is the nature of the beast in today’s lending climate and provide the necessary support to address as well as furnish explanations to the buyer so they remain informed.

I look forward to working with you all on a more consistent basis and feel free to call me with any scenarios that you or your clients may have so that i can provide some lending options for them. Thanks again and i wish you guys all the best for continued growth and success.

Alan and Mary

We would highly recommend K2 Realty for any of your real estate needs. Kellie and Kimberly provide a personable and professional experience. They were both very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They were a pleasure to work with! We would definitely use their business again in the future.

Jack J. Mendheim, Attorney at Law

Kellie Osbon and Kimberly Everett, the brokers and co-owners of K2 Realty, are two of the most professional and pleasant people i have the pleasure of working with. My contact with them is primarily in connection with real estate closings. I can relate first hand that the clients they represent love them, not simply for the level of service they provide, but because they are down to earth, always have a sense of humor and always carry a smile on their faces. Their years of experience combined with a cheerful approach, make the process of buying and selling real estate for their clients a satisfactory and happy experience. Kellie and Kimberly know the real estate business and love the real estate business. It shows in the results they achieve for their clients.

David Morales

I have not have a better experience purchasing a home as i experienced with both of you at K2. There was no question I was going to receive the best service through and the whole home purchasing process. I know i can call anytime with any real estate question and have it answered with K2. The knowledge K2 has about this real estate market is impressive, coupled with excellent service was an easy choice for me to choose Kellie and Kim for my new home purchasing needs. I Thank both of you for assisting me with my new home purchase and appreciate all you do! No doubt i will recommend and refer anyone looking to purchase a home to K2! Thank you so much!

Kasy Hasch

K2 Realty has been and continues to be an asset to my business. Kimberly and Kellie are pleasure to work with and are always prepared to be available when you need them. They are easy to work with and they both go above and beyond to make sure all is taken care of in a professional manner, making the experience of buying or selling my property as stress free as possible. I have had the opportunity to work with many realtors in my profession; K2 Realty has helped my business flourish. If anyone is seeking a trustworthy company to work with in selling or purchasing a property, I would recommend the expertise of K2 Realty anytime.

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